Stress Less Fitness Tips

These five Stress Less Fitness tips will lessen your Stress and allow you to Live More. There is an acronym for Fitness in The 100 Year Lifestyle that will ensure you Stress Less, Live More, stay healthy and on top of your game. The acronym takes the word Fitness and uses the N2ESS as follows: […]

Soccer and Chiropractic

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. People of all ages enjoy playing for fun and fitness and billions of fans everywhere gather to watch the most talented athletes in the world play “the beautiful game” every week and especially during the Fifa World Cup. For many of these athletes, Chiropractic […]

Trying or Training

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley, Affiliate in Pasadena, CA If you wanted to run a marathon how would you prepare in anticipation? Would you go out and TRY to run 26.2 miles or would you devise a plan to TRAIN yourself to accomplish such a feat? Trying to run 26.2 miles without any training would […]

Getting the Winning Edge!

In our ultra-competitive world of college prep, job insecurity, sales targets, promotions, placement tests, parenting, sport performance, etc., seeking an edge to succeed under pressure is desired by many. Professional and Olympic athletes are always striving for the edge to win. Many would expect elite athletes to utilize the latest science on performance nutrition, exercise […]

The Bookends of Fitness

At the start of a brand new year, “fitness” is the buzzword. Every year millions of people begin exercise programs with the goal of getting themselves back into shape. The 100 Year Lifestyle model incorporates an acronym into the buzzword: FitNESS. It stands for Neurology, Nutrition, Endurance, Strength and Structure. To ensure that your fitness […]

Spring Sports Injuries

Spring is here and sports injuries, many of which can be prevented, can ruin your season and keep you off the field. The issues surrounding head injuries, including concussions, have never been a part of mainstream conversation more than right now. As we begin the Spring sports season, concussions and neck injuries are being reported […]

Summer Sports, Injuries and Prevention

Summer is here. Many people are getting outdoors and upping the ante on their activity level, trying to get in shape, improve their performance or set a personal best. If this describes you, It’s time to optimize the function of your brain, spine and nervous system and not let injuries get in the way. When […]

Run Faster. Jump Higher. Recover Quicker.

As the current sports season kicks into full stride, the desire to do everything we can to maximize recovery time and increase performance is greater than ever. As the intensity of our training activities puts added stress on our bodies, ensuring proper healing and recovery becomes increasingly important. How would you or your loved ones […]

The Foundation of Flexibility

A healthy spine and nervous system is the foundation of flexibility. For some, just getting to the gym constitutes going past their comfort zone. For many, participating in circus gymnastics has become an accessible and exciting way for them to get physical, build skills and enjoy the excitement of moving the body. Instead of the […]

Pilates, Balance and Chiropractic

The health of your brain, body and mood is dependent on the health of your spine! Neurology and structure are the bookends of fitness, allowing for optimal endurance, strength and flexibility.1 Alignment and Overall Health Certified PMA Pilates Instructor and owner, Deb Mandeville-Bowen, of Bend Pilates in Bend, Oregon says, “Pilates increases flexibility, strength, balance, […]