Don’t let your dreams just stay as dreams. That’s the advice of Kenichi Horie, the 83-year-old known as “Japan’s most famous yachtsman.” He should know. He’s sailed solo non-stop across the Pacific two times, first in 1962, and most recently completing the voyage and setting the record for being the oldest person to complete the trip. While he may not be a centenarian yet, he’s certainly showing the rest of us how to get there in style.

At 100 Year Lifestyle we know that purpose-filled goals ward off disease, build confidence, and attract prosperity. Apparently, do does Kenichi. Rather than just dreaming, he set goals and didn’t let his age or his fears stand in the way of achieving them. What goals have you set for yourself? Do you need to make changes or overcome fears to achieve those goals? If you haven’t set any goals for yourself, why? Are you blaming your age?

Is this Kenichi’s last trip? Not likely. “I didn’t think I’d be sailing at 83 but I’m still healthy and I didn’t want to miss this chance,” he told CNN. “Challenges are exciting so I’d like to keep trying.” Inspired to not let your dreams just stay as dreams? To find out what keeps this man sailing into wind, keep reading.





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