If anyone ever tells you they don’t believe it’s possible to live to be over 100 years old and healthy, tell them about Mary Graybiel. Mary has spent her life flying high and healthy, all around the world, and has no intentions of stopping.  Mary is thrilled to be able to continue her love of flying as she’s aged. This fashionista also doesn’t stand still for long! She just got hearing aids, but is in great health and doesn’t take medication.

Flying High on the Ground

In Mary’s case, flying high literally means flying high. But the expression, flying high, should apply to all of us as we live our longest, healthiest life. There is plenty of excitement to be had on the ground, and plenty of new and interesting places to visit just a walk, bus, car, or train ride away – regardless of where you live.  Flying high looks different for each and every one of us.

While you might not want spend your life literally flying high and healthy like Mary, regardless of where your passions lie, you want to have your health. And by living your 100 Year Lifestyle, you can! Like Mary, you don’t need to fall into the polypharmacy trap. You can be a least vulnerable person until your last breath! You, too, can lead a lifestyle that will keep you doing what you love for years to come. Clearly, we can all learn a thing or two from Mary.

About Mary

When Mary Graybiel traveled from Arizona to metro Detroit to Marco Island, Florida last month, the airline check-in system wouldn’t properly input her age, so the 107-year-old flew as an unaccompanied 7-year-old minor. Staying active isn’t the only 100 Year Lifestyle principle that has kept this almost super centenarian so healthy. Keep reading to find out what’s kept her flying high.

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