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Variety of Patient Testimonials

Variety of Different Patient Testimonials

Stiff Neck, Tingling in Arm, Numbness in Hand & Fingers

“After waking one morning with a stiff neck, I used all things I could think of to loosen it, ie.. heat, ice, massage machine, etc… Thinking time would fix the problem, I waited 5 or 6 months until suddenly I developed a tingling in my arm. When my fingers & hand became numb, I decided a doctor may be in order. After calling Dr. Haas’ office & getting X-rays , MRI, etc.., we discovered a compression in my neck. After 3 months of therapy there is no longer any numbness and I feel 100% better.”

Sandra G.

Not Able to Walk & in Severe Pain

“When I first came to Dr. Haas, I could not walk and I was in a lot of pain. Now I can walk and the pain is gone! I still see Dr. Haas to keep the pain away. I would like to thank Dr. Haas for all of his help. Thank you Dr. Haas!”

Terrie C.

Problems after Spinal Surgery, Severe Headaches & Pain with Limited Range of Motion

“I was disqualified from flight duty, Army Aviation, in 1998 due to problems associated with a spinal surgery. I suffered daily from severe headaches and pain that limited my range of motion. I was heavily medicated just to get through the day. After about 1 year of care from Dr. Haas, I have regained full range of motion and have thrown away the pain killers! I also recently received a waiver to reenter military service and fly Apache Attack Helicopters. Thanks to Dr. Haas, I can now defend my country!”

Damen D.

Chronic Sinusitis, Ear Infections, Migraine Headaches

“I was taking 2 steroid prescription meds to control chronic sinusitis & staff infections in the ear canal, as well as having migraine headaches for 2 years, 3-4 times weekly. To top it off, add back problems & a list of other medical problems and you get a miserable life. Now after 3 months (of Chiropractic treatment), I no longer suffer from migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel, I.B.S., or thyroid problems! I’m off both meds with no repercussions & I am healthier and happier with full mobility than I ever was in my life & look forward to a glorious one to come. I’m celebrating my 32nd birthday in January, and everyone said I was too young to have the health problems I had. They were right!!”

Cynthia B.

Chronic Lower Back Pain & Tension Headaches

“Before meeting Dr. Haas, I had been suffering from chronic lower back pain and tension headaches. After two adjustments I stopped taking all pain medications and was pain free. I also saw a marked improvement in the consistency of my golf game.”

Darren M.

Migraines & Lower Back Pain

“When I first came to Dr. Haas I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain and migraines. Now I only get a few, rare headaches and the back pain has decreased tremendously. I didn’t realize that chiropractic (care) could be such a wonderful experience and have results in a few short months. Thanks Dr. Haas!”

Mary T.

1st Visit Ever to a Chiropractor, Had Severe Back Pain

“I came in August of’ ’97 with severe back pains, but I had never been to a chiropractor in my life, so I came to get adjustments for my back pain. It took 4 months and my back pain problems are gone!!! My health is great as well! So if you have never been to a chiropractor, come to Dr. Haas. He is a great doctor, as well as a great person. Best of all, a COOL DOCTOR!!!! Thank you Dr. Haas!!!”

Bobby J.

Flare Up from Disc Alignment & Back Problems

“I started seeing a friend who was a chiropractor in the early 80’s in Atlanta for lower back problems from golf & carrying camera equipment. After Tony left town, I found another (Dr.) to keep me pain free. Since moving to Jacksonville, I have had one flare up from disc alignment, which Dr. Haas quickly solved. I still shoot pictures, carry equipment & play golf twice a week. I would recommend this treatment for everyone. It beats surgery. Thanks Randy.”

Bob L.

Had Disc Removed, Continued Back Problems

“I had a disc removed (L5) in 1975. Ever since I had surgery, I continued to have back problems for many years. I suffered & continued going to medical doctors, as I was skeptical of chiropractic. Finally after realizing that I could no longer do yard work & playing tennis for 20-30 minutes would land me in bed for a week with muscle spasms & the inability to stand up straight, I decided to try chiropractic. A colleague of mine had mentioned being a patient of yours and being pleased with his results, so I called (Dr. Haas) and made an appointment. It took 6 months to straighten my back out, but you did it. This past Sunday I raked a large flower bed and swept off my roof. On Monday, I played tennis for 2 hours. Tuesday morning I got up feeling fine and my back was fine all day. I just wanted to take a few minutes now to thank you for giving me my life back. I consider what you have done for me a true miracle. I would enthusiastically recommend Chiropractic to anyone who has debilitating back pain. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Roy B.

Good Health & Feeling Great

“I started seeing Dr. Haas and for nearly 17 years he has kept me in good health and feeling great.”

Jean M.

Tried the Palmer Method but still had Lower Back Pain

“It was a real challenge just to get dressed. Bathing was difficult. Walking, standing, or sitting was a struggle. I had previously tried the Palmer Method with drugs and manipulation. I left that office with a headache every time. You eventually feel better, but the problem or cause is still there. Then I experienced Dr. Haas’ practices with NO DRUGS and manipulation of problem areas & axis. It took a few visits, but I left his office with shoulders and hips level and aligned, legs the same length, back feeling fine, and no headache. It is great! Life is much easier and more pleasant. Dr. Haas and his staff are courteous, professional, and very prompt.”

John B.

Herniated Disc

“Ten months ago I was here (Dr. Haas’ office) for a herniated disc and haven’t had any problems since that time. I also haven’t seen a doctor for it since my last visit here.”

Robert C.

In such Severe Pain, could not Walk and Fell A Lot

“I have been to another chiropractic Dr. and pain specialist and no one has been able to help me. But Dr. Haas has really helped me a lot. He has been the only one to be able to stop the pain that I have been in for 4 years. It feels so good to be able to walk without all the pain and falling. Thank you so much Dr. Haas.”

Terrie C.

Years of Living with Back Pain

“Dr. Haas has given me relief from back pain that I thought was impossible, after years of living in pain. I had pain doing some of the things that I enjoyed the most, shooting & fishing. I feel 100% better.”

Robert N.

Recurring Low Back Pain

“I suffered from recurring low back pain for years. About twice a year it would get so bad I had to miss a week of work. Over a period of 6 months , Dr. Haas fixed my back. Now I can play tennis or do anything I want and it does not hurt my back.”


Severe Neck Injury from Car Accident

“I was in a car accident which caused severe neck injury almost 10 years ago & had been to several chiropractors before coming to Dr. Haas. He has shown extra care & knowledge of my problems. He is thorough with each weekly examination as if this were our first visit. His staff is excellent. I can not exceed any further than that. Since having weekly visits, I have more energy, feel better, & NO HEADACHES.”

Marty W.

Sciatica & Headaches

“My reason for seeking chiropractic treatment was sciatica that kept me from sitting, without pain for more than 10 minutes. I also had frequent (3-4x’s weekly) headaches. Within 2 weeks of beginning treatment, the sciatic pain was hardly noticeable, even after sitting through a 1 1/2 hour seminar. In the 3 months since beginning treatment, I’ve had only 4 headaches. I have been very pleased with the results.”

Elaine D.

Not Sleeping Well, Limited Movement of Neck & Upper Back

“Before going to see Dr. Haas, I wasn’t sleeping well and had limited movement in my neck and upper body due to nearly constant aching and stiffness in my neck and right shoulder. X-rays revealed a severe misalignment of the vertebrae in my neck, compounded by calcium deposits brought on by allowing this condition to continue for several months. I thought the pain and the stiffness would eventually work its way out in time. Instead it got progressively worse–that is until I went to see Dr. Haas. After about 8 weeks, (the first 6 weeks getting 3 treatments per week) my pain and stiffness are gone and I am sleeping better than I have for a long time. I continue to see Dr. Haas once a week on the Well Care Program to keep my neck and spine in alignment and to keep me healthy and happy.”

Jim A.

After Seeing all the Wrong Doctors, still had Pain

“I had pain in lower back and in the right groin area. I suffered with an orthopedic Dr. for about two or three months before trying a chiropractic Dr.. I had been treated by two doctors. One was a general physician who had me just taking muscle relaxers and also applying liniment with heat. The orthopedic Dr. just had me taking pain relieving pills. At first I didn’t know where to find relief from my injury until a friend at work had mentioned chiropractic help. My insurance company gave me a list of chiropractic doctors and I chose Dr. Haas. I discussed my symptoms and he gave me a full exam with X-rays. He then set up a treatment plan. Before my injury, I played racquetball & golf two or three times a week & softball two nights a week. With my injury, I was restricted to limited physical activity. After about 2 months of treatment and adjustments, I felt normal again, being able to sit up straight & tall with no pain. After 3 months of pain with my other doctors, I was very happy with my results after seeing a chiropractic doctor. I want to let others know that you should see a Chiropractic Dr. first, not last. They have my vote for best find in a lifetime of good health.”

Keith Y.

Back Pain & Rest for no more than 5 hrs. Comfortable

“Prior to seeing Dr. Haas, due to many reasons to numerous to list here, my maximum length of time that I could lie down was 5 hours at a time. The firmness of the surface did not matter. I also had a constant back ache from the time I awoke for about 3 hours everyday. After only a few visits, things began to improve. I admit I stopped coming for a while and I paid the price, but now I am on a regular maintenance program and have never felt better.”

Michael C.

Pain in Knee, Neck, & Back

“Before I came to know Dr. Haas, I had pain in my left knee and the middle of my upper back and my neck and lower back. Since coming on a semi regular basis (which is not recommended) I do not have pain in my knee or lower back, middle back and neck. I shout the praises of Chiropractic Care and plan for my whole family to come. Thank you Dr. Haas.”

Anthony R.

Almost Completely Wheelchair Bound

“I will tell you of my miraculous recovery. I was almost to the wheelchair state, unable to get up & down by myself. I was stooped over and dragged my feet & I would fall easily. I had several headaches and my back and legs had severe pain. After treatment from Dr. Haas, I was standing straight and was an inch taller. My headaches stopped and my back and legs quit hurting.”

A.B., Jr.

Asthmatic Son

“When my son,Shawn, was 1 1/2 years old he was diagnosed as being asthmatic. By this time he had already been in the hospital twice and was always sick. This caused him to have a poor appetite & he was always a few pounds underweight. Several times he had to be rushed to the ER for Epinephrine shots & twice he almost quit breathing on me. By the time he was 3, he was taking 4-5 different medications, which would make him hyper. Sometimes at night, I would have to sleep with him over my shoulder, just so he could halfway breathe and sleep. He was always running high fevers, usually 104-105. Finally after letting his pediatrician treat him and his allergy & immunology doctor, I brought him to Dr. Haas. Dr. Haas has been adjusting Shawn since February. Since then, Shawn has done a complete 180 degree turn around. He has not even had a cold. No more wheezing and his appetite has increased greatly & he has put on 9 lbs. after a month of treatment. Since Shawn has been under Chiropractic care, he has only had one very slight attack (about 5 months ago) and a couple of weeks ago he was running a 101 fever and was vomiting. I had my husband bring him to be checked. Dr. Haas adjusted him. He said his atlas was out really bad and his lower back. After his adjustment, his fever was gone 30 minutes later and he was holding down solid food the rest of the day, and he did it WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!! Thanks to Dr. Haas and Chiropractic, my son is a healthier little boy. I’ve thrown all his medications away. Not only is he healthier, but we did it naturally, without drugs or medications.”

Julie M.