You just survived a pandemic, so the odds of you living to 100 may be stronger than ever.

The real question is, what will your quality of life, health, relationships, and finances be like along the way Will you enjoy the journey and get their in style, or deteriorate and suffer along the way? 

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1 – Never2345 – Always

I am excited about the possibility of living to 100I have many goals that I would like to achieve over my extended lifeI am willing to make changes to improve my quality of life as I ageI have youthful energy in spite of my ageI enjoy a full night of restful sleep and feel energized each morningI can consciously shift my energy whenever I want toI am aware of the diseases in my family historyI live a lifestyle that counteracts the diseases in my family historyI am motivated by quality of life health goals rather than crisis managementI feel good about my current health conditionI exercise 4 to 5 times a week and am getting the results I want from my fitness routineI eat healthy foods and supplement my dietI visit healthcare providers proactively to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary health problemsI live in a peaceful, stress-free home environmentI work in an environment that nurtures my talents and where I feel appreciatedMy home and work environment reflect my inner feelings and voiceI support myself through choices I know that are good for meI actively seek out opportunities and enjoy learning new thingsI am surrounded by supportive relationships at home and workI have achieved the balance I am looking forI am able to separate work time from play timeI have a clear picture of how I want to use my time during my extended lifeMy current financial path can sustain me until I reach 100I am passionate about work and the way I earn moneyI am living within my means and saving money regularlyI feel like my life has purpose and I am making a differenceI am actively involved in my communityI have a mentor and I use my leadership skills to mentor others

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