Why Recurring Injuries Recur

Recurring injuries are annoying to athletes of all ages who want to compete at the highest level. They are also annoying to everyday people who want to enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities as well as those who just want to climb the stairs or sit at their computer without pain. Maybe they are annoying […]

Trying or Training

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley, Affiliate in Pasadena, CA If you wanted to run a marathon how would you prepare in anticipation? Would you go out and TRY to run 26.2 miles or would you devise a plan to TRAIN yourself to accomplish such a feat? Trying to run 26.2 miles without any training would […]

Getting the Winning Edge!

In our ultra-competitive world of college prep, job insecurity, sales targets, promotions, placement tests, parenting, sport performance, etc., seeking an edge to succeed under pressure is desired by many. Professional and Olympic athletes are always striving for the edge to win. Many would expect elite athletes to utilize the latest science on performance nutrition, exercise […]