AJ's Story

A family portrait

In this issue I will be telling a story about AJ, a very special boy who has not only changed us as healthcare professionals but also how we view Autism.

Breakthrough Autism-The Metal Free Way is a program offered here at Breakthrough Healthcare (formerly Haas Chiropractic Center) that focuses on removing the triggers that exasperate autism symptoms. Triggers like heavy metal poisoning, glutathione deficiency, probiotics and food stressors such as raw milk, eggs, wheat, soy and others.

AJ came to us at about 11 1/2 years old. Mom and Dad stated that he never spoke much although he was very vocal in his own way. He would often mimic his family and repeat words if prompted to do so multiple times. His eye contact with myself and Dr. Haas was very limited if at all. He was also not very compliant when we began treatment, as it is a very “hands on” process. More often than not, it would take us longer to get him on the table than it would to get through the entire exam. He had to have his iPad with him during every moment of the 20-25 minute exam. Many times it still wasn’t enough to hold his attention and distract him from the muscle testing necessary to determine his needs. But AJ did come around and after a few visits he realized that this was “his office” and we were helping him. We always make sure to schedule our Autism Kiddos when they could be the only “kid” in the office and let them roam and explore and get comfortable.


During AJ’s exam we found multiple areas of concern. In addition to his food sensitivities, he was found to have Chromium, Aluminum, Mercury, Copper, Nickel, and Iron. Along with pesticides, and Petroleum Solvents (isopropyl alcohol).

To counteract this, AJ was placed on a special diet eliminating foods we found troublesome to his system and given supplements. On 11/21/14, within one month of going through treatment AJ’s parents reported that his speech was more frequent and he seemed to be trying to speak to others more often. Mom also reported that his bowels seemed much better. We were very pleased to see such great improvement in one month’s time. His Aluminum and Mercury were chelating (detoxifying heavy metals) at the appropriate rate as well.

Today, after only 6 months of what could be a 2-3 year process, AJ is making BIG strides in the right direction. He comes into the office and says “Hi!” and walks right into “his kid room” and makes himself at home. He gives hugs, and high 5’s, and he has not had used the iPad once this year to come into the office for treatment. His parent’s also stated that he doesn’t need his iPad at church anymore. Instead he stands up, and sings, and claps along with the congregation. AJ also said his sister’s name for the first time UNPROMPTED and this is a win that maybe only parents of children with Autism can even comprehend. AJ is an Amazing boy with such a bright future ahead of him. Will he always be on the spectrum? Yes, possibly. But he is going to be given every opportunity to live TO HIS FULLEST POTENTIAL.