Next Level Yoga Practice

At 14 years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis during a routine health screening at school. Throughout the years following, mid to low back pain became an ongoing issue. As a hairstylist in my twenties, standing up for hours at a time on a concrete floor with minimal support led to excruciating back pain due […]

The Foundation of Flexibility

A healthy spine and nervous system is the foundation of flexibility. For some, just getting to the gym constitutes going past their comfort zone. For many, participating in circus gymnastics has become an accessible and exciting way for them to get physical, build skills and enjoy the excitement of moving the body. Instead of the […]

Pilates, Balance and Chiropractic

The health of your brain, body and mood is dependent on the health of your spine! Neurology and structure are the bookends of fitness, allowing for optimal endurance, strength and flexibility.1 Alignment and Overall Health Certified PMA Pilates Instructor and owner, Deb Mandeville-Bowen, of Bend Pilates in Bend, Oregon says, “Pilates increases flexibility, strength, balance, […]