Crossfitters and Chiropractic

CrossFit is Hot CrossFit is hot and getting hotter. It has become the next big thing on the workout scene finding its way on ESPN where the CrossFit Games have aired to find the fittest people on earth. CrossFit’s philosophy is that their workouts are high-intensity functional movements, constantly varied and filled with pushups, pull-ups, […]

The Core of Your Core

Everyone in the fitness world is talking about the importance of a healthy core. Your core, which is the center of gravity of your body, consists of numerous muscles, organs, ligaments, nerves, and of course, your spine and pelvis. Too often a fitness professional will reference the core or abdominal area and only focus on […]

Sick, Fit People

We have all seen them in the gym, in the yoga studio or in cycling clubs. The person who looks fit: has toned arms, shredded legs and probably has a 6-pack under their gym clothes. That same person, although they look like a specimen of health on the outside, carries a package of tissues, a […]