Artificial Intelligence versus Innate Intelligence

With all the talk about AI, Artificial Intelligence, it will never be able to compete with the awesome power of your body’s Innate Intelligence! Acknowledging this reality will empower you to take charge of your health so you and your loved ones can perform at 100% for 100 years and beyond. And the numbers back […]

Bigness Within You

There is a Bigness within you and it’s not about your size. It’s the amazing Innate Intelligence that runs your body which cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. In fact, if you tried, it would drain all the money in the world with no guarantee of success. Yale University Biophysicist, Dr. Harold J. Morowitz, has […]

The Hero and The Villain

If your personal journey of health and well-being was a story that lasted 100 healthy years or more, who would be the hero of this story? Who would be the villain if you did not live these quality years and instead lived a deteriorating life to 60 or 70? Understanding the hero and the villain […]