Avoid This Dangerous Holiday Duo

Alcohol and prescription drugs are a dangerous combination. While celebrities are the most popular victims, too many people are affected by this bad combination. With the holidays coming up, this knowledge can even save the life of someone important to you. Both prescription and non-prescription drugs do not mix with alcohol. Too many people take […]

Flying Above Media Propoganda

The battle for health care dollars has gone out of control and so has the rise of medical costs. The 2012 Deloitte Study found that the U.S. Health Care budget for 2013 was over $3 trillion. The entire Medicare budget was $586 billion. The Canadian Health Care budget is approximately $30 billion. Staggering numbers! The […]

Explaining Unexplainable Health Problems

Unexplainable health problems can be very frustrating. Often times, the answers can be traced back to your childhood. Think about this! How many times a day do young children fall? According to Introduction to Infant Development, fourteen-month-old toddlers can fall an average of fifteen times per hour while playing, up to 100 times a day. […]