Improving Marathon Performance

Marathons are on the rise and people are striving to improve their marathon performance. If this is you or you know someone who is into extreme sports, you will love the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Flying through the book because I couldn’t put it down and talking with a good friend and […]

Painful Days, Sleepless Nights

Pain can ruin your life. Whether it comes and goes in an unpredictable fashion or whether it is constant, having to manage and deal with pain on a regular basis can be exhausting. As pain becomes chronic, the joy of living disappears. Pain can take many forms including headaches, neck or arm pain, back and […]

Body or Health Conscious

Are you Body Conscious or Health Conscious Unfortunately, too many people are concerned about how they look and not necessarily about their health. Perhaps you do not know the difference between being body conscious or health conscious. The following information will help you understand this critical difference as it relates to the following topics: Eating […]

I Just Woke Up With It

Do you know someone that woke up with an injury or illness and attributed it to sleeping? It is not uncommon to hear people say something like, ‘I just woke up with it.’ While sleeping in awkward positions may trigger aches and pains in the morning, there are usually underlying conditions that are the cause […]