100 year old takes 100 mile walk of gratitude. What?! Tom Hennessy is an amazing man. He’s 100 years old. Over several months he walked 100 miles. And, he did it to raise money for homeless vets and in gratitude to his home country, Canada.

This Royal Air Force veteran and proud Canadian probably never thought that he would live to be 100. But here he is, celebrating his own birthday and Canada Day with a physical feat that many of us wouldn’t even consider. His selfless act raised over $51,000 to date.

Tom’s 100 year lifestyle is a lesson and reminder for us all. Key take-aways are, first, that you’re never too old to give back. Second, doing what you love for a long and healthy lifetime is made even better when you are able to be of service to others. Third, take care of yourself and your health at every age and stage of life. When asked how he felt, Tom said he felt great because he’d been outside exercising!

You might not be up for 100 miles, but it might be time to stir things up a bit. Your 100 year lifestyle should be fun! Sometimes it should even be challenging. Mix things up, and you, like Tom, will be in for a long and healthy ride.

With his wife Joyce on his arm, Tom Hennessy left Victoria Park in London, Ont. to complete his 100-mile walk to raise money for homeless veterans.

“I exercise everyday, so I feel great right now,” said Hennessy, who was originally going to walk 100 kilometres, but changed it to a 100 mile walk. To find out the details of Tom’s feat, keep reading

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