We offer a few types of massages:

  • Lymphatic- moves the lymph through the body to enhance the functioning of the immune system and to drain the lymphatic system.
  • Deep tissue- promotes circulation to affected or injured muscles. Helps recovery processes, and reduces the body’s stiffness.
  • Frequency therapy-bridges the gap of communication between the nervous system and organ systems.
  • Swedish- relieves muscle tension and can be very relaxing and energizing.
  • TeraHz health wand-The wand emits infrared heat and
    earthing frequencies  and can be used for knees, prostate, back, water
    retention, varicose veins, vision, and a whole host of other issues.
  •  The Dolphin Neurostim is the world’s
    first device specifically designed for to reduce sympathetic stress for the reduction of soft tissue pain. Dolphin applies brief, concentrated DC micro-pulses to key neurological points (called MPS Therapy) that reduces nervous system stress to relax muscles and relieve pain. This natural but potent form of pain relief is now being applied in over 60,000 hospitals and pain clinics world-wide.  

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