“I just thank the Lord that I’m here and that he has allowed me to have all these good years.” Those all the words of 101-year-old Jack Gillooly, just weeks before his 102nd birthday.

A Navy man, Jack started his career as a football player. He takes pride in the fact that Navy never lost a game to Army during the three years he played. Continuing to serve in the Navy following graduation and through World War II, Jack calls himself “an old sea dog.” The catch is, he was actually a pilot who spent his career in the sky. And from the way he talks about it, he loved every minute he spent in the sky.

At the 100 Year Lifestyle we honor those who served our country, their communities, and their families. We appreciate that everyone has a story worth hearing, a story that we can all learn from. If anything, understanding and perspective can deepen with age. If you are living your 100 Year Lifestyle and enjoying healthy longevity, you will continue to share your wisdom until your last breath. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who hold this to be true. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will help Jack and his sons celebrate his upcoming birthday by hosting them in Blue Angels tent at the Smoky Mountains Airshow in Tennessee. An apt tribute to the oldest living naval aviator in the country.

Want to learn more about this fascinating man and “all these good years?” Keep reading, and be sure to watch the video.

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