For people of any age, going zip lining is a leap of faith! Some of us are willing to take the leap. Others prefer to watch from the sidelines. Angela Johnson of New Orleans is one of those leap of faith type people. Angela is an active person who has loved excitement her whole life. Zip lining with her family, including great grandkids, seemed like the perfect way to celebrate her 100th birthday! In case you’re not sure, zip lining is being fitted with a body harness that clips to a cable. That’s the easy part. Then you step off the platform you’re standing on and zip at increasing speed across the tops of trees. Yes, that zip lining.

While zip lining doesn’t fit into the extreme sports category, it does take nerve, will, and a zest for life. As we have looked at a variety of centenarians leading the way in creating their own 100 Year Lifestyles, the one thing that keeps coming up again and again is maintaining your zest for life, your enthusiasm for doing what you love with family and friends. While sitting back and enjoying your memories is great, continuing to make memories for yourself and your loved ones until the day you die is better! Remember, you too can live 100:00, at 100% for 100 years or more. If you’ve been thinking it’s time to “slow down,” or that you’re “too old” to try something new, instead try taking a page out of Angela Johnson’s playbook.

By the way, her birthday zip line party was delayed for about a month because Angela was recovering from a bout of COVID. She looks fit as a fiddle in the video of her zipping across the treetops.




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