Getting to play ball professionally is the dream of many of us when we are young. Imagine getting the opportunity to live your dream, and then having to defer it. It happens. Lots of difficult things happen in life. The question is, how do you handle them? Do you let those difficulties, those challenges, get you down? Or do you use them as a means to create positive change in your life?

Do you let negativity take over, or do you double down on positive thinking? Do you tap into the power of positive self-expectancy, or do you become a shrinking violet, wasting your talents and potential? At the 100 Year Lifestyle we know that life can be challenging, and yet filled with opportunity at the same time. We know that each and every person has birthrights that include health, longevity, joy, and success – in whatever way you define those terms.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road, particularly when your road is long. You will have moments of disappointment. But living your 100:100 means never giving up! Let’s get back to playing ball. That’s exactly what centenarian Roy Kinyon of Buffalo, New York did. Eighty years later, he got back to playing ball and realized his lifelong dream. He’s living proof that you’re never too old and it’s never too late.  His story is fascinating.

The Buffalo Bisons invited a promising young shortstop to try out for the team in the summer of 1942. But the man declined, citing his plans to enlist in the Navy and serve in World War II.

On Monday, the Bisons will finally get Roy Kinyon on the team. They plan to sign the 100-year-old shortstop to a one-day contract for the Fourth of July, honoring him 80 years after they first recruited him. Keep reading…

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