100 Healthy Days Week 2- Discovering Youthful Energy at Any Age

Take Your Personal Energy Inventory Become aware of all the places that you let your energy leak out into the atmosphere. Choose energy-enhancing thoughts, actions, and feelings and begin to make them a part of who you are. Read more about taking your personal energy inventory on our 100YL article, Your Personal Energy Inventory.  Understand […]

The Nerve of Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Do you have the nerve for it? The sunshine and warmer weather can be strong motivators for people to go out and play. They bring the benefits of natural Vitamin D, fresh air, longer days and the potential to do more. It can also offer changes to your fitness […]

Run Faster. Jump Higher. Recover Quicker.

As the current sports season kicks into full stride, the desire to do everything we can to maximize recovery time and increase performance is greater than ever. As the intensity of our training activities puts added stress on our bodies, ensuring proper healing and recovery becomes increasingly important. How would you or your loved ones […]