Tom Brady Named Honorary 100 Year Lifestyle Quarterback

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title, was voted MVP for the fifth time, and was named the honorary 100 Year Lifestyle quarterback. A chiropractic advocate, Brady has shown that your chronological age doesn’t matter near as much as your mindset, choices, and lifestyle. Brady has made good nutrition, chiropractic care, massage, and a […]

Stop Blaming Old

When you awoke this morning did you feel groggy or did you feel rested? Do your clothes fit the way they did when you bought them? Do you dread a flight of stairs? Maybe it is your knees, ankles, low back or memory reminding you that you are not a teenager anymore. Before you decide […]

What’s Age Got to Do With It?

People who are 100 years old are jumping out of airplanes, running races and traveling the world while other people in their 70s, 80s and 90s are suffering and in assisted living centers and nursing homes. Quality of life, activity level and energy have nothing to do with age. Imagine what your life at 100 […]