100 Healthy Days™ Week 7- Building Your Ideal HEALTH Care Team

Taking responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices is vital to you and your family’s well-being. We love seeing our patients and practice members getting younger and healthier every year as they commit themselves to Chiropractic Lifestyle Care and healthier lifestyle choices. Learn to love the things that are good for you and make them […]

The Bookends of Fitness

At the start of a brand new year, “fitness” is the buzzword. Every year millions of people begin exercise programs with the goal of getting themselves back into shape. The 100 Year Lifestyle model incorporates an acronym into the buzzword: FitNESS. It stands for Neurology, Nutrition, Endurance, Strength and Structure. To ensure that your fitness […]

Pilates, Balance and Chiropractic

The health of your brain, body and mood is dependent on the health of your spine! Neurology and structure are the bookends of fitness, allowing for optimal endurance, strength and flexibility.1 Alignment and Overall Health Certified PMA Pilates Instructor and owner, Deb Mandeville-Bowen, of Bend Pilates in Bend, Oregon says, “Pilates increases flexibility, strength, balance, […]