How Many Two Weeks is Okay? Research by Dr. Videman out of Helsinki, Finland found that even minor traumas to the spine can cause scar tissue formation within two weeks. How many two weeks is okay with you? Babies and Children The birth process can be very traumatic to a newborn’s spine and cause pressure on the nerves that affect […]

Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked

10. The times that you need your spine the most will be the time that it will tend to give out on you. If you neglect your spine and nervous system, you can be sure that when you need it the most due to stress, physical activity, business or pleasure travel, it can give out […]

A Truly Sustainable Health Care Solution

Is Your Health Care Philosophy Sustainable? When you think of “Health Care” what is the first image that pops into your mind? Do you envision hospitals, prescriptions, expensive surgeries, or a sick person? This is often what people have been conditioned to think about because the current health care delivery system is actually a Sick […]

Extreme Sports and Peak Performance

Extreme Athletes Expect Precision Extreme Sports are on the rise. At the gym, on the bike, in the park, up a mountain; these are all places where people push their body to extreme limits. Whether you are extreme on your own or an Ironman, triathlete, distance runner, Tough Mudder, or participate in other extreme sports, […]

Emerging Health Care Leadership

A Shortage of Medical Doctors With the shortage of medical doctors increasing dramatically, more and more people are using chiropractors for their health care leadership. According to the AAMC, the American Academy of Medical Consultants, there is a shortage of medical doctors by 50,000 in the U.S. alone. Between now and 2025 that shortage is […]

Movement and a Healthy Brain

Your brain is remarkable. It’s comprised of hundreds of billions of individual cells that are constantly receiving and transmitting information about your body and its place within your environment. The sum of all this activity is what you perceive as your personal human experience. Put more simply, the health and activity level of your brain […]