Your Personal 2020 Vision of Health

Happy New Year and here’s to you accomplishing your personal 2020 vision, especially as it relates to your health. You deserve it! For many people, making healthier choices can make the difference between a successful, happy year and a challenging one. Our office is ready to help you make your health a priority so this […]

What Happens When You Stop?

“Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.” Outwardly, this is obvious to us. Bodybuilders are easily recognized, as are yogis and other athletes. Even when we observe those who meticulously groom themselves or those who decline to subscribe to grooming standards, there is a “lifestyle” and values associated with the behavior. We are creatures […]

We Are Not Just Lucky

Luck, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities. Winning the lottery would classify one as being lucky and for the amateur golfer, so is a hole-in-one. The athlete who trains […]