Tom Brady Named Honorary 100 Year Lifestyle Quarterback

Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title, was voted MVP for the fifth time, and was named the honorary 100 Year Lifestyle quarterback. A chiropractic advocate, Brady has shown that your chronological age doesn’t matter near as much as your mindset, choices, and lifestyle. Brady has made good nutrition, chiropractic care, massage, and a […]

100 Healthy Days™ Week 3- 100 Year Lifestyle FitNESS

In addition to the chiropractic care that our office is providing you and your family, following The 100 Year Lifestyle FitNESS Principles will help you function better for a lifetime. Neurology Neurology=Function. Neurology comes first! Your nervous system controls and coordinates all your body functions, including your muscles, organs, and systems. You must have a […]

Your Personal 2020 Vision of Health

Happy New Year and here’s to you accomplishing your personal 2020 vision, especially as it relates to your health. You deserve it! For many people, making healthier choices can make the difference between a successful, happy year and a challenging one. Our office is ready to help you make your health a priority so this […]

A Lasting Holiday Health Plan

The holiday season has begun and now is the time to commit to a lasting holiday health plan. Enjoy the healthiest holiday season ever and start your new year with a mindset of staying healthy for a lifetime. The Lifestyle Care Continuum The three elements of the Lifestyle Care Continuum are Crisis Care, Critical Transition […]

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Raising healthy children and preventing childhood obesity is an important parental responsibility. Are your children at risk for developing high blood pressure? They are if they are overweight. According to the July 2005 issue of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) News In Health, more than twice as many children are overweight now compared to […]

Baby Boomers vs. Their Parents

Which Group is Healthier? Unhealthy lifestyles have caused too many members of the baby boom generation to be in worse health compared to their parents during the same stage of life. A recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported only 13% of today’s baby boomers are in excellent health while their parents’ generation was 32%. […]

Nursing, Nutrition and Nerve Supply

Nursing, nutrition and nerve supply are essential for healthy babies and children. Without these building blocks, your child’s health can be compromised and affect them for the rest of their life. With them, your infants and children will have the ability to grow and develop in a healthy way, adapt to their environment and express […]

Lifestyle Renovation in 3 Easy Steps

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of Renovation is 1 – To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding), 2 – to restore to life, vigor, or activity. Have you ever thought about renovating your lifestyle? Naturally, most of us think of a house when we hear the word ‘renovate’. The way […]

Body or Health Conscious

Are you Body Conscious or Health Conscious Unfortunately, too many people are concerned about how they look and not necessarily about their health. Perhaps you do not know the difference between being body conscious or health conscious. The following information will help you understand this critical difference as it relates to the following topics: Eating […]

Natural Fertility Support

Starting or expanding your family may be an important component of your 100 Year Lifestyle. Fertility challenges can be discouraging and frustrating. To increase your chances for an easy conception and pregnancy, keep your spine and nervous system healthy with Lifestyle Care and try some of these healthy tips! AVOID – MicroNutrient deficiencies which can result […]