The course to a long and healthy life isn’t a class, it’s the golf-course. At least that has been the case for Vernon Marlatt. Vernon attributes his long and healthy life to staying active. Golfing is just one of the ways that this centenarian keeps busy. Actually, he still drives, gardens – and plays golf.

Vernon isn’t just a centenarian. He’s a super healthy man – at any age. “I go to the doctor for a medical. He shakes his head. He can’t find anything wrong. He marks down, ‘Ok.’ Then I take it to the driver’s (registry) and get my license.”

According to his daughter, Vernon developed a very strong work ethic at a young age. He farmed during the day and then went to a seed cleaning plant to work at night.  Additionally, for over thirty years he served on the board of an organization that raised funds for community hospitals in his community. Sounds like a busy but meaningful 100 Year Lifestyle of community, family, and contribution. That’s 100:100, living at 100% for 100 years. Clearly, he deserves to enjoy golfing each week. But maybe golf alone isn’t the course to a long and healthy life. Perhaps there is the occasional piece of cake. Check out this birthday cake.




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