When asked what it was like to be 100, Mike Fremont responded that “these are the very best years of my life.” That’s quite a statement, and proof that it’s possible to live your best day every day, regardless of your age.  Mike has been passionate about running since the 1950s. This all- around athlete who also loves canoeing, has set and holds many world records for marathon distance races.

So how does Mike, and how can the rest of us, keep living the very best years of our lives every day? By doing what we love and maintaining a positive attitude. If you think about it, why wouldn’t you have a positive attitude if you love what you do every day! Mike is proof that the good times don’t need to end because of something as arbitrary as your age. They also don’t have to stop when you hit a bump in the road.

When asked by podcaster Rich Roll what his secret to longevity was, Mike responded, “No question in my mind, absolutely, it is diet that has determined my existence. My continued existence and my beautiful health.” You see, at the age of 69 Mike rejected surgery following a cancer diagnosis and instead made a significant lifestyle change. That change is what he credits with being able to keep living “the very best years of my life” at 100.

To learn more about Mike’s 100:100 lifestyle, beautiful health, and love of life, keep reading.


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